13082774_159180824478528_560083151396603815_nThe Vreden’s Readings Research and Practice Conference has been held annually since 2007 and is considered the best joint replacement event in Russia.
The Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation and public organizations support the Vreaden’s Readings Conference.
About 1000 leading traumotologists and orthopedists from Russia and the CIS participate in the conference.
The conference speakers are world famous specialists from Russia, Europe, North America and Asia.
One of the top conference topics is hip replacement that traditionally attracts the majority of delegates.
Along with exploring new technologies and successful results in the managment of traumatic injuries and orthopedic disorders, the conference is educational in nature and has its goal to shape right orthopedics philosophy of young specialists.
As a result of the Vreden’s Readings Conference, many orthopedics problems in medical assistance are successfully solved.

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